1. Listen

Listen written by jay Ottaway - Played live by Jay Ottaway and The Lost Boys on November 11, 2019 in Haus Eifgen - Wermslkirchen Germany


Jay Ottaway

Listen to your heartbeat, banging on a drum
Bringing back songs you once owned
Listen to that trembling voice, crackling in your lungs
Singing out to strangers far from home

Listen to that wild wind wail, hellish high-pitched tones
Screaming in your ears like jealous gods
Listen to those howling dogs, hungry to the bone
Nipping at the heels of angry mobs

Smell the blood your good earth craves
Hear crows and ravens rage
Feel the ground shake beneath your feet

Listen to your conscience sigh about sticks and stones
Breaking bones in your name in their world
Listen to those haunted cries, drift around like smoke
Calling out to long lost boys and girls

See the gates of paradise
Open up before your eyes
Then flush out all your memories

Listen to their heartache, banging on a drum
Pounding at your ears until they're numb
Listen to your old man tell, how the West was won
With grit and germs, swords and mighty guns

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